Important update on COVID-19 and our service


Dentistry is classed as an essential service and will remain open during the latest "Tier 4" lockdown.

Following Government guidelines Dane Bank House Dental Practice is working hard to carry out more routine appointments following the Covid-19 shutdown. 

We are always available If you have a dental emergency. 

Please call reception who will assess, advise and treat if necessary.   A list of high risk patients can be seen in the news section.  If you have any questions please contact us through the website or you can email us on

Please attend all your dental appointments and please cancel any appointments that can't be kept with as much notice as possible.  

We wish good health to you and your loved ones.



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Veneers are small 'finger nails' thin pieces of porcelain, made to fit onto the front surface of your front and 'side' teeth.

Veneers can be used to restore the colour and shape of a tooth, to close gaps between front teeth or to mask blemishes in the enamel of teeth.

After minor modification to the enamel surface, impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory. Here the technician makes the porcelain veneer(s) customized to your own particular requirements. On returning the veneers to the surgery, the dentist will bond the veneer(s) to the front surface of the teeth with a very strong bonding system. The join between the veneer(s) and the tooth is highly polished to achieve a seamless join recreating the natural beauty of your teeth.

Modern materials allow us to offer all ceramic veneers which can even be re-inforced with zirconium to make them very strong.


Veneers Fees


  • All Ceramic Veneer (Zirconia)from £658
  • All Ceramic Veneer (IPS E-max)from £641


  • All Ceramic Veneer (Zirconia)from £113
  • All Ceramic Veneer (IPS E-max)from £95

Denplan Essentials 10% Off

  • All Ceramic Veneer (Zirconia)from £594
  • All Ceramic Veneer (IPS E-max)from £576