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Composite is a plastic based material that bonds to the tooth.  

Composite is carefully bonded to the tooth using a bonding agent.  The tooth needs to remain dry during this process otherwise it will fail to adhere to the tooth.  Composite is built up in small increments and each increment is cured using a special blue light.

Once the tooth is filled it needs to be shaped.  This is done using a variety of specially designed burrs that will allow us to sculpt your new filling so that it looks like it has never been filled before.  Modern bonded fillings are more aesthetic and we have perfected the art of making them look like teeth.

"A filling that looks like a tooth will behave more like a tooth"

After the desired shape is achieved and the tooth functions with the rest of the dentition we give it a final polish and a sealant is added.

One of the latest dental materials we use is SDR (Smart Dentine Replacement), please click on the link and you can see a video of how this revolutionary technology seals the dentine beautifully.


An Ormocer is a very new material that stands for ORganically MOdified CERamic.

It is placed in exactly the same way as composite but has different properties.

It is a ceramic based white filling where composite is a plastic based filling.

Due to their chemical nature, Ormocers ensure that it is a highly biocompatible filling material.

Their advantages compared to composites are:

  • outstanding biocompatibility,
  • Minimal shrinkage (shrinkage can lead to tooth sensitivity),
  • Resistance to higher bite forces,
  •  Aesthetics resembling natural teeth. It is virtually impossible to differentiate between teeth filled with Ormocers and natural teeth.

We are finding that we can achieve very large successful restorations using Ormocers


White Fillings Fees


  • Composite anteriorfrom £96
  • Ormocer anteriorfrom £108
  • White Fillings
  • Ormocer posteriorfrom £149
  • Composite posteriorfrom £135


  • Composite anterior
  • Ormocer anterior
  • White Fillings
  • Ormocer posterior
  • Composite posterior

Denplan Essentials 10% Off

  • Composite anterior10% off
  • Ormocer anterior10% off
  • White Fillings
  • Ormocer posterior10% off
  • Composite posterior10% off