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Clinical Photographs

Clinical photography is the recording of clinical conditions presented by patients and is used for diagnosis or for recording a condition during the stages of treatment.  All clinical photographs are anonymous.  We gain consent from these patients where these are to be displayed for training purposes.  Where consent is not gained, they are only used for our professional records.

Emergency call out fee (Out of Hours)

NHS and Private Patients - If you have a problem outside normal practice hours or you're in pain, you can first try helping yourself by taking painkillers.  If you feel the problem can wait until normal practice hours, you can call NHS 111 for self care advice. 

NHS England do provide an out of hours service to patients - 0161 476 9651

If you need help with an urgent dental problem, call the emergency helpline, available 9.00am to 9.30pm every day, including weekends and Bank Holidays

Denplan Patients - Denplan provide an out of hours service for our Denplan patients and that care is provided by us personally.  Just dial 1 on the automated message and we will look after you.


Playsafe Mouthguards are custom made oral protection for adults and children. They are recommended by schools and sports associations throughout the UK and are worn by professional sports teams.

A split lip will heal but broken teeth won't. Did you know that teeth are the least capable part of the human body to repair themselves after an injury? The dental treatment required to repair damaged teeth or replace missing teeth is both time consuming and expensive.

Being accidentally caught in the face by a squash racket or lacrosse stick, or falling awkwardly across showjumping poles, can cause more damage to the teeth than any blow from a boxing glove.


Miscellaneous Fees


  • Emergency call out fee (Out of Hours)NHS out of hours service
  • Clinical photographsComplementary
  • Emergency Treatment£98 per 15 min
  • Mouth Guardfrom £150


  • Emergency call out fee (Out of Hours)
  • Clinical photographsComplementary
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Mouth Guardfrom £150

Denplan Essentials 10% Off

  • Emergency call out fee (Out of Hours)
  • Clinical photographsComplementary
  • Emergency Treatment£86 per 15 min
  • Mouth Guardfrom £150