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I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick email of thanks.

Since joining DBHD I have received fantastic treatment. I have found the environment, attitude of staff and treatment, that good I immediately got my
son enrolled with you and told my wife to do the same. Both are now with you. My son is a little apprehensive about going to the dentist but Nicola
made him at ease straight away by allowing him to lie back whilst sat on me and also blowing him a glove balloon.

I have had a root canal treatment, check-up, filling and scale/polish. The root canal treatment is not something that I would recommend everyone to go
and get one but it was actually a pleasant experience (not that I want another). You often hear scare stories about RCTs but I can't honestly say
that my experience was pleasant. I'm not a big fan of going to the dentists, probably because you are put in a vulnerable position and then have things
put in to your mouth hmmm! But you made me feel comfortable, explained everything that was going on and even showed me pictures of the process.

My check up was fine apart from a small filling that I needed. To which you explained why it's best that I had it done. Again the treatment was carried
out in a relaxed way explaining the process as you went along and also showing me pictures again.

I recently had my appointment with Cheryl the dental hygienist (my first ever one). Like I would expect from DBHD by now Cheryl is also very
professional, welcoming and friendly. See showed me how to floss correctly which was eye opening. Cheryl carried out a scale and polish which I can
tell you was about four times longer than my past dentist would have done. I also had my teeth sandblasted lol. I think this was called a water jet or
something along those lines. Whilst not the most pleasant thing I've ever had done it has left my teeth without a single stain. Again my old dentist
left loads of stains on my teeth after a scale and polish. I even asked him if I should have them whitened to get rid of the stains.

Not leaving out the reception staff and dental nurses who are also friendly and welcoming. Always with a smile and deal with your questions helpfully
and thoroughly.

I look forward to seeing you soon (never thought I'd say that about dentists)


Mr. Challinor

Hopefully you will remember me as the patient you saw as an urgent appointment when a tooth broke off 7 days before i was due to leave on a cruise ship for a holiday my wife had been planning for nearly 2 years.

I want to say a BIG thankyou.  All went absolutely fine, helped by no small degree by the fact we knew we had treatment in reserve had there been difficulty.

Be sure i have been "singing your praises" at every opportunity, both personally and as a practice.  Your response to my crisis was magnificent.

Thanks again, please don't underestimate the difference you made.

Kind regards


G. D.