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Christmas 2017

Christmas party this year was held at the Hunter's lodge.

Everyone had a great time letting their hair down and dancing til the early hours.

Tuesday December 05, 2017

Holistic Dentistry

Watch this space.  Further study needs to be done but inflammatory processes in the body and the oral cavity are being strongly linked.


Tuesday November 14, 2017

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a minimally invasive way of giving yourself that whiter smile.

Prices now start from £149


Thursday October 26, 2017

Jeans for Genes day

Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

We all decided to help support this charity by wearing our jeans for a full day of surgery!


Tuesday September 26, 2017


Clinipad streamlines the way patients’ records are accessed and stored by allowing patients to sign and update their own medical records electronically, thereby reducing paperwork for practice staff.

This in turn means that patients do not have to fill in multiple forms when attending the practice and allows for a more efficient service.

We have received great feedback from patients at how easy it is to use.

Tuesday August 01, 2017